Morning People, teach me your ways!

I’ve always dreamed of waking without an alarm,
slipping out of bed before anyone else wakes,
making a warm cup of delicious coffee,
and watching the sunrise while reviewing my planner and doing some light cleaning.
You know, getting a head start on the day.

Really, I think about it every night before bed… And then I after I’ve tossed and turned, got up to make two or three bottles, shushed baby back to sleep umpteenth times while transferring him from his bedside crib to my bed and back again, 6am just seems to come way too fast. That warm cup of coffee just doesn’t have the same appeal and the kitchen just seems to be way too far. And next thing I know, I’m being slapped awake by my giggling 10 month old and the clock reads something well after 8am. It happens every morning.

Then the regret and frustration pile on as I spend my entire three minute shower trying to calm his annoyed cries as he sits in his walker on the other side of the glass shower door. Then I spend an insane amount of time, somewhere around an hour and a half, trying to get us both clothed, breakfast made, diaper bag packed, and coffee brewed….. which leads to nap #1, where I finally get to sip my cold coffee in peace. Why didn’t I just get uppppppp? sigh.

Life is just easier when I can do things with both hands. And I know this! So, why can’t I just get up?!

I envy those people that can just pop out of bed with no issues! Teach me your ways! what are your tricks? I try to be prepared.
I’ve tried having clothes out.
I’ve tried setting the alarm on my coffee maker.
I’ve tried cleaning at night so I can wake up to a relaxing environment.
I try to get to bed at a reasonable hour.
I’m trying the whole gym thing.
But ummm. It’s a challenge. I know that once I shower, I’ll be good. I just need the push to get out of bed so early. What do you do? How do I make this happen? I need help!

Share your tips and tricks with me in the comments!

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