Stay Little.

I want my bed back,
but I can’t sleep without him.

I am exhausted and beg/pray for sleep,
but I don’t want to miss a moment.

I wish for the day he’d play independently,
but it pulls at my heart when he doesn’t look up for me.

How can such a little human have so much pull on me?!

I get anxiety thinking about how fast he’s growing. What am I supposed to do when he wants to go somewhere without me?! I literally have tears in my eyes thinking about it.

Nope. Nope. And nope.

I’ll just have to nix the tiny house idea and make room for his spouse and kids. Well, if we get a bedroom on the main, they can have the entire upstairs. Ohhhh…. what about a three-story townhouse with a bedroom/bathroom combo on the bottom floor. That’ll work best, I think. There, that’s settled. Guess this wasn’t as long of a post as I anticipated.

I was going to ask for ways to cope, but since we’ll just live together and travel together forever as a family unit, I don’t need advice after all. *shrugs*

*Slowly comes back to reality*

Okayyyyy. Seriously, how does one deal?!

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