I’m Tired.

Countercultural mothers who lie in the dark, night after night, nourishing, comforting and connecting with their babies deserve to be supported, not chastised. Yet, our misguided society tells us that if we hold our babies, we’re preventing independence. That if we soothe their souls, we’re spoiling them. That if we nurse them to sleep, we’re... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Late Naps & Laundry

6:39pm The couch. I am on the couch. Conveniently far far away from the five unfolded loads of laundry piled on my closet floor, unmade bed, and bathrooms in dire need of cleaning. I sit surrounded by the plate I used for lunch, the XXL large cup I used for coffee during the baby's morning... Continue Reading →

Cart Full of Groceries.

Two hours. I had been shopping for almost two hours before I gave up and left my cart full of carefully picked produce, finely Inspected fruits, and carefully chosen dry goods out of frustration. I feel like I walked in hundreds of circles trying to find these obscure vegan ingredients with my inconsolable infant. (Yea,... Continue Reading →

Stay Little.

I want my bed back, but I can't sleep without him. I am exhausted and beg/pray for sleep, but I don't want to miss a moment. I wish for the day he'd play independently, but it pulls at my heart when he doesn't look up for me. How can such a little human have so... Continue Reading →

Morning People, teach me your ways!

I've always dreamed of waking without an alarm, slipping out of bed before anyone else wakes, making a warm cup of delicious coffee, and watching the sunrise while reviewing my planner and doing some light cleaning. You know, getting a head start on the day. Really, I think about it every night before bed... And... Continue Reading →

The “Me” in Mommy

Get this. I was at the gym by 7:04am this morning. Yes, me. I even put on my beats before I walked through the door, so that no one could tell this was my first step inside of a gym since learning I was pregnant over a year and a half ago. I didn't need... Continue Reading →

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